Luminesce - the specialist data virtualisation platform for investment managers. We let you react to important questions that individual systems were never meant to answer.

Luminesce is a data virtualisation platform that lets you explore, query, fetch and combine data from multiple sources and systems, including LUSID, into an integrated view for interrogation.

You can bring new data sources online and access them within minutes. Data is fetched from source systems in real-time without being replicated, so you have full confidence about its fidelity.


Key benefits

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Connect to any data source
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Combine any type of data
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Real time delivery of insights
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No replication of data
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Easily add, remove or change any data source as you need
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Consume your data how you want
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Role based data access management and governance

Why use Luminesce?


Speed and agility of querying across data sources

Not all data sits nicely in one repository, or even in one kind of repository. In some institutions users may need to use dozens of systems to get answers to their questions. Our suite of adapters lets you quickly onboard new data sources and expose them to our query engine for interrogation.


Reliability, accuracy and lineage of data

When deriving insights from data, there is always a challenge ensuring it is accurate and up to date. Creating “data lakes” by building processes to collate data from multiple sources makes it hard to determine lineage and find errors. Luminesce avoids these issues by fetching data from underlying source systems on demand in real-time.


Governance and auditability of data access

The investment management industry is highly regulated. Sensitive data should be restricted so that only personnel with the right roles / privileges or in the appropriate jurisdiction can access it. Luminesce uses FINBOURNE’s state of the art role-based identity access management system to control and track data access.

Extract hidden insights from your investment data

Find out how Luminesce - FINBOURNE’s data virtualisation engine - can transform, filter, aggregate, join and process your investment data